Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Good Drunken Sleep on the Beach: A Men's Summer Style Guide

Standing at a urinal in the King of Prussia Mall, I faced a choice: to suffer certain embarrassment or run from it. And reader, I faced it.

First, I should say: if I had not visited the bathroom, the choice might've not occurred to me at all. As it was, I stood at my urinal, happily envisioning my recent J. Crew purchase, when I discovered: I was not wearing my underwear.

I admit, for me, “going commando” is not uncommon. Whatever the prevailing opinion, I prefer the graceful ease of minimal clothes. In fact, I often feel that my underwear--Stretch Cotton Sport Trunk, Banana Republic: $19.50--confines my spirit. And I need to feel free, reader, in my heart and soul--and elsewhere. But this day I was certain: I had been wearing underwear. (It was a cool spring day, about three weeks ago, breezy and grey: underwear weather.)

I suppose I should mention my purchase now: J. Crew's 9” Stanton Short in Irish Linen ($75). Color: Amalfi Blue. When worn for a mere hour, the shorts develop the characteristic rumpled look of linen--as if worn to sleep, on the beach, like Rimbaud:

“The best thing of all is a good drunken sleep on the beach.”