Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Love, Large & Small

I fall in love daily. I develop huge, swelling crushes and infatuations. I imagine secret rendezvous without uttering a single word: with books, with interesting people, with fonts. Lately, I love Georgia font. I play around with fonts. I try to trick myself. I’ll be puttering along, writing my stupid novel in Times New Roman when suddenly, a simple change in font (Georgia!), and my novel is no longer stupid, but elegant, lean, beautiful.

I love women, too: elegant, lean, beautiful women. My wife, Karen, is all three. She’s also multi-lingual, freckled, prone to yawns, and exceedingly in thrall of lotions. All types of lotions: hand lotion, foot lotion, face lotion, and, of course, massage lotion.

I love this picture of my wife. That's a wedding invitation in her lap.
And that's New York City zooming by in the window.